Voices of the Past

Voices of the Past: City Broadens Recognition of Historical Events with Markers and Monuments” by Bill Dries, Memphis Daily News

“In 2008, a bakery owned by two Japanese families that closed two days after the 1941 Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was remembered with a semi-permanent public art installation at 1310 Madison Ave. commissioned by the UrbanArt Commission.

The address is now a parking lot with a power transformer. It was the site of Kuni Wada Bakery in 1941. The Kawaiis and Nakajimas, the two families who owned the bakery, were arrested the day after Pearl Harbor and their bakery was closed, later to be seized by the Federal Reserve Bank.

When the work by Sanjit Sethi was installed, the box contained a system that spread a scent twice a day that smelled like bread baking in the area. The goal was for someone in the area smelling the scent to follow it to the marker, which remains at the site today.”