Urban Projects: Bangalore


This project creatively addresses a solution to the abundant potholes found throughout the metropolitan Bangalore area, and the city’s apparent disregard for this growing problem.

The effectiveness of this project rests on the fact that state institutions, which can be famously slow in handling issues such as road maintenance, respond swiftly and prolifically when scandal or provocation threaten their existence.

Cover-up contends that one way to encourage the city to fix potholes is to place something provocative in them that would motivate their removal, or to transform the potholes themselves into another type of space. Proposed instigative material to be placed in these potholes include images of local politicians in compromising positions, and filling the holes with the state flower. Cover-up is a collaborative effort with local art and design students.

Bus Garden

Conceived in an atmosphere of increasingly dramatic and seemingly draconian urban policies, Bus Garden is intent on addressing the Bangalore cities large-scale removal of trees and urban vegetation for the sake of widening roads.  When looking at the urban landscape it becomes apparent that some of the last flat areas in the city for potential green spaces to exist are found on top of buses.  Bus Garden proposes to work with students, environmental activist, and members of the University of Agricultural Sciences to construct gardens that would be placed on the rooftops of city buses.  These gardens would need to fit the parameters of their dramatic environment: they would need to be high yield CO2 exchangers, able to thrive in high wind/low soil conditions, and adept at surviving the jerky motions of constant bus movement.